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Main / Articles

Expeditions alone, characteristic property.


lake is famous due to the legends about an animal unknown to the science, who lives in its depth. This time the work was held fully alone, side by side with mysterious and splendid lake, for the period above one month. The story is also about the trip to the beginnings of the river Labynkyr, taking its source on the mountain edge Suntar-Hayata and going into the Lake.


The story is about photo expedition down the River Omulyovka. Our team of four conducted rafting on catamarans down the river Omulyovka, taking its beginning on the southern outskirts of the Cherskogo mountain range and crossing the Omulyovskoe mountain range. The story is about wonderful and diverse river, carrying its green waters in the canyons.

Where the sky is reflected.

A story about regular long, interesting and very productive photo expedition on the instructions of the publishing house. This time the first month and two last weeks of the season turned out to be something like a debut in photographing: I had to perform not only a landscape photo session but also industrial one in the gold-mining artels of Susuman region in Magadan area. But still the story is about the main part of the expedition, when during more than two months photo session was held in vast territory of mountains, taiga, and lakes in the southern spurs of the mountain range Cherskogo, on the boundary between Magadan and Yakutsk regions.

Snow Lady

A small story about a short trip to the Caucasus. As usual the main goal of the trip was photo shooting. Still the story isnt about the photo session, but about a girl, that we met in the mountains: she had left civilization in the attempt to come away from the unknown and find the unknown, almost without necessary clothes she had been spending frosty nights on the ice shelf.

Koni peninsula.

This story is about a regular photo expedition by request of the Publishing house. This time the work was held on the territory of Magadan region. Almost all tree months were devoted to photo exploration of Koni peninsula, located on the territory of Magadansky Reserve. The author shares his impressions about original and inimitable sea and mountain landscapes of the remote lands; about scarce people, keeping watch on the cordons of the Reserve and on the lighthouse Taran; about wild animals, inhabiting the peninsula; about unforgettable and frequent encounters with bears.


The story about photoexpedition to Kamchatka, the desired land of every photographer. Only a little part of the great peninsula was managed to familiarized with. Photogeographical research was held in the following regions: Volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the settlement Esso, Volcano Backening, the Bystraya river, Volcano Mutnovsky and Volcano Gorely. A part of the travel was made with one on the numerous tourist groups, which wasnt planed absolutely.

Solo about Tofalariya

A story about travelling on my own by wild paths of Tofalariya a beautiful mountain country, lost in the depth of the West Sayan. Its a two-months deep diving in the primitive world with killing difficulties.

Travel in coloured mountains

A story about crossing the astonishing Suntar-Hayata mountain range stretched through south-east Yakutia and north-west of the Khabarovsk Territory. To climb in desired mountains my fellow and I had to go up the Suntar river shuttling 180 kilograms of weight. And to get out from the mountains we had to go 600 kilometres with the stream of the Udoma, a river full of surprises.

Podkamennaya Tunguska

A story about rafting on a catamaran down the Podkamennaya Tunguska river, one of the Yenisei inflows. A trip of 1700 kilometres down the taiga river from the beginnings to the mouth lasted two months and was carried through in collaboration with a fellow.

Trip to the West Putorany 2

A story about travelling on the instructions of the publishing house through the lake system of the west part of the Putorana plateau, astonishing basaltic plateau on the south of Taimyr peninsula. During two months the author had moved by lakes and rivers of a vast territory on a little kayak and took photos of genuine look of the outward things, and also communicated with infrequent but hospitable inhabitants.

In the heart of the Stone belt

A story about two missions of the publishing house to the east mountainside of the Pripolyarny Urals interesting and beautiful region of the Urals mountain range to the south of the polar circle, which is referred to the the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. During this trips the author captured a summer look in July and an autumn one in September.

Contemporary walking over three seas

A story about 6000 kilometres trip in North India and Nepal as a member of a big group, that visited all the main places connected with the life of Buddha and Rerikhs estate in the Himalayas.

The Olenyok river

A story about the third trip of the series 5000 kilometres on my own. Its the continuation of the previous route. The author went 1500 kilometres down the wild, unpopulated Olenyok river from the settlement of the same name to the mouth of a river, which inflows into the Laptev Sea.

Behind the horizon

A story about the second trip of the series 5000 kilometres on my own. Its the continuation of the previous route with the help of a kayak. The author overpassed the vast territory between the Nijnyaya Tunguska and the Olenyok river beginnings, and then another 700 kilometres down the Olenyok river to the settlement of the same name. A trip through one of the less populated regions of our planet lasted two months and the author fixed a personal record during it 40 days without meeting a man.

Tunguska sketching

A story about the first trip of the series 5000 kilometres on my own. During two months the author had went 2625 kilometres with the help of a kayak down the Nijnyaya Tunguska river a prototype of the Ugryum river from the Shishkovs novel of the same name from the beginnings to the mouth. The whole Middle Siberian tableland was crossed and the route connected two great Siberian rivers the Lena and the Yenisei.

Trip to the West Putorany 1

A story about the first trip with a catamaran through the lake system of the west part of the Putorana plateau with a crew of four men.

Plato Putorana

A historical and geographical sketch about Putorany. It tells about gegraphical location and features of the region, unique relief and climate, animals and plants. Not only the history of geological developing is touched upon, but also the history of astonishing landscape formation.
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